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BESSEY ® Press Releases

IBeam Clamp
Heavy Duty IBeam Clamp
Cabinetry Clamp for Face Frames
For easy assembling of face frame cabinets
Digital Induction Bearing Heaters
Temperature and Duration controlled
D39ASS Snips
Enhanced precision in cutting tools
One Hand Clamp (EZ/EZS)
Multiple sized offerings
PC-2 Pipe Clamps
Durable dependable pipe clamps
Track/Table Clamps
Clamping tools for guide rails
Edge Clamps
Special edge clamping tools
All-Steel Angle Clamp
For clamping frames and curves
Claw Clamp
Welding and metal fabrication assembly in tight spaces
Omega Bend All-Steel (RSC)
Vibration resistant all-steel clamps
Flooring Spacer (PVA)
Durable and reusable tool for wood flooring work
Welding Table Clamps
For welding tables with 16 and 28mm holes
BESSEY classiX Lever Clamps
High value lever clamps
Double Force All Steel Clamps
Flexibility for large clamping
New Industrial Bench Vise
Unbreakable under normal usage
New Auto Adjust Toggle Clamps
Self-adjusting toggle clamps with variable force
Specialty flooring tools
Fast-acting double spindle mechanism
Parallel Clamp
Initial 2011 Press Release
Compact Aviation Snip
BESSEY® Introduces the New EZS One Hand Clamp
Built bigger, better and stronger for woodworkers who want the best!
BESSEY® Introduces the New Vario K Body® REVO™
Two jaws are better than one!
BESSEY® Introduces the New 2400 Series Welding Clamp
The industry leader just got stronger and faster!
BESSEY® Introduces the New K Body® REVO™
Built bigger, better and stronger for woodworkers who want the best!
BESSEY® Introduces the LMU Light Duty U Style Bar Clamp
This clamp with a unique step-over design for those hard to reach spaces!
BESSEY® Introduces the New Safety Strap Cutter
A one-handed strap cutter engineered to improve productivity and safety!
BESSEY® Introduces the new KombiKlamp™
A new degree of versatility ... clamps or spread with the Variable Angle Device!
BESSEY® Introduces the DuoKlamp
One handed clamping that can clamp, or spread, at the turn of a dial!
BESSEY® Introduces the H-Series Pipe Clamps
A stable and productive pipe clamp that cuts down on scraped knuckles!

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