One hand, light duty & clutch

Best-selling LM and LMU mixed with specialty applications. Some great clamps.
EZS clamps(X1033)
EZ: 150 lbs clamp force
EZS: 445 lbs clamp force
Clamp or spread
260 lbs clamp force
Clamp or spread
LM, light duty(X1130)
330 lbs clamp force
Zinc die cast
LMU, Light duty, step over(X1192)
330 lbs clamp force
Step Over
GSCC, clutch style(X1047)
600-1100 lbs clamp force
Economical price
GSCC-2K, clutch style(X1178)
Composite handle
1100 lbs clamping capacity
GSCC4PK, clutch style set of 4(X752)
Four piece clamp set
DHBC, clutch style(X779)
400 lbs clamp force
Double jaw
PG, heavy duty one hand clamp(X660)
1000 lbs clamp force
3 step clamping
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