BESSEY ® Presentations

More of a working document than a sales sheet, these simple presentations can be used as a quick reference for product information. The section will be continuously updated over time so check back regularly.

9x Faster
660 to STB Metalworking Shop Floor Clamps
2400 to 8500 Metalworking High Performance Clamps
2400S Metalworking High Performance Clamps
AV2 Flooring Spacer for Laminates
BAS Metalworking Hold Down System
BK AH PH WH Set Cutting Tools Folding Utility Knives
C Clamps General Purpose
classiX Metalworking classiX
D15 Compact Aviation Snip
D29 Cutting Tools Ideal Snips
D39ASS Cutting Tools
D123S Cutting Tools Safety Strap Cutter
DUO Woodworking One Hand Clamps
EKT KF KT BEC3 Spindle Woodworking Edge clamps
EZ EZS Woodworking One Hand Clamp
GSCC DHBC Woodworking Clutch Style Clamps
HB Chemicals Heat Block
IBeam Woodworking Industrial Clamps
J Series Metalworking Step Over Clamps
K Body REVO JR Woodworking Parallel Clamp
K Body REVO Woodworking Accessories
K Body REVO Woodworking Parallel Clamps
KFP Panel Carrier
KliKlamp Lever Clamps
LC Series Lever Clamps
LM LMU Woodworking Light Duty Clamps
LM LS Chemicals Lab Metal
LMU Woodworking Clamp
PG Woodworking One Hand Clamps
PS55 Solid Surface Clamp
PV PVH SVH GCS Bearing Heaters Induction and Cone
RELTON Cutting and Tapping Fluids
Rite Hite FC 2400HD Metalworking Hold Down Clamps
RSC Series Metalworking Vibration Resistant
SC BC BCS Metalworking Bearing Heaters
SG24 Metalworking SuperGrip Pliers
SG30VAD Metalworking Multi Purpose
SLV GSV Metalworking 2013 Launch
STC Toggle Clamp Overview
TB Woodworking T Bar Clamps
TG TGJ TC Woodworking Bar Clamps
TW16AW19 Woodworking Table Adaptor
UniKlamp Woodworking Case Clamp
VAS Woodworking Strap clamp
WMS Metalworking Industrial Magnets
WS Series Woodworking Angle and Miter Clamps
WSM WVS Metalworking Angle Clamps
X-4 Metalworking Torque Multiplier
X-4 Parts
XCL2 XCL5 Spring Clamps Needle Nose
XCR XCRU Spring Clamps Ratcheting
XM Series Spring Clamps With pads no pads black
XV5-100 XV-170 Spring Clamps VarioClippix


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