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Special Orders

BESSEY® Tools North America is the North American sales and distribution arm of our German-based parent Company. While we sell and stock a very extensive listing of products for the North American market, there remains a large offering of items sold around the world which are not necessarily stocked and sold in North America. These products can be sourced from our parent company by our distribution partners and made available for sale provided a purchase order is placed in advance.

Please contact one of BESSEY®’s distributors (see also "Bessey Distributors" on our website) to assist you in this process or feel free to submit a request for assistance to our offices directly. Please submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the website. Once we have determined the products you are wishing to source we will then direct you to one of our distribution partners to dill the order. For special production runs of non-standard items the same process will apply (Note: larger unit volume or dollar volume orders will usually be required for production of non-standard items).

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